Roadmasters Auto & Tire Center
4.87/5.00, based on 31 ratings; 19 user reviews

  Elissa, 01/12/2019

I'll say it once, & again, this location has been my go to for years; even when they give me bad news, they're super gracious about it but straightforward, & they are nice enough to go over it a couple times so I understand it & put it in the notes on my paperwork so my husband can go over it. Respectful & kind customer service always.

  Gene, 01/10/2019

They take care of me and my cars. They are on the ball. Also, nice peopl.

  Ken, 12/27/2018

Honest and fair. They can behind their work.

  Gayle, 12/13/2018

Excellent service in every way: workmanship, communication, knowledgable, and patient with all my questions. Glad to recommend Roadmasters Auto. Gayle in Northglenn.

  Kai, 12/12/2018

Good Service.

  Charmaine, 12/06/2018

Keep up good work. Your service is always appreciated. You're the best.

  Elizabeth, 11/15/2018

Roadmasters was so amazing in customer service right from the start. I had a rough morning trying to get my car to start to find out that my battery was completely dead. I had to get it jumped so I could pick up a new battery and get it to the shop. My battery was so dead I could even turn off my car without needing a jump again. Anyway I called a list of places who kept giving me outrageous pricing to just put my battery in my car or the would flat out say they wouldn't do it because it's in the floor of my passenger seat. I got a he of roadmasters who said come right in we'll get it installed and it was a super affordable price I got there took 5 mins to get me in the system and the took my car right back! So I was only there for a total of maybe 15 minutes! Which was great as I had my 2 year old with me and had been dealing with this all for hours already. They were fast, friendly and efficient!

  Phil, 09/20/2018

Prompt and Professional service

  Jack, 09/20/2018

Everything good.

  Debbie, 09/13/2018

Great service

  Charmaine, 08/30/2018

Would never go anywhere else for service. Complete trust in this store. Being doing business for over 45 years.

  Carrie & Michael, 08/09/2018

Roadmasters has been our family's go to auto service center for over 20 years. They stand behind their work. Our last service visit covered a check engine warning for a problem they had previously fixed. They replaced the thermostat at no charge and no questions asked.

  Sean, 07/19/2018

Honest and will always explain things til you understand!

  Phil, 07/19/2018

Since around 1999 or 2000, I have used the services of Roadmaster Goodyear auto & tire center on Huron. I find them professional and reliable. The one major recommendation I give all my friends about Roadmaster Goodyear is INTEGRITY. This business has operated for years with integrity. I trust these guys with my car!

  Herb, 07/12/2018

Always good service. Always on time.

  Joe, 03/08/2018

As always RoadMasters is the only shop I completely trust with all my vehicles. I trust them to the point where I take my vehicles in and just say fix whatever it needs no questions asked.

  Mike, 03/08/2018

Roadmasters is a professional and courteous business that I trust to service my vehicles. Over the years you have been consistent in explaining any problems in a clear and understanding way and I have grown to trust your analysis. When there has been an incident over communication or discrepancy you have resolved the issue to my satisfaction. In our busy lives I appreciate your willingness to provide rides to work when I drop off my vehicle and your work has been timely to minimize down time without our vehicle.

  Kelley, 03/08/2018

Roadmasters has been great for our whole family. I'm so grateful to have a mechanic that I trust to only fix what needs fixing and charge a fair price. They also gave us great advice about buying a used car for our high schooler, and inspected it for us so that we wouldn't buy a money pit. Love this place and everyone there.

  Mary, 03/08/2018

Thank you so much for all of your hard work! I really appreciate the honesty and integrity that goes into your customer service. :)